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We believe that finding your Ideal domain should be transparent and secure with Zero Financial Risk to both buyer and seller using Paypal or Escrow.com
We pride ourselves in leading from the front to insure that we can offer premium domains that are innovative and ahead of the trend. 
In business you need to be proactive not reactive . Think of Nike - Just Do It !
Artificial Technology is the prime example of new technology that is changing the entire business landscape in all industries around the world.
For example, we have seen how Ai is Now being used in such diverse industries as Space Travel , Deep Sea Oil Exploration , Medical Research and Development  etc
Here are a few ai  statistics  in 2024
It is estimated that 1 in 10 Cars will be self driving by 2030
64 % of businesses expect Ai to increase productivity
Chinese companies have the highest adoption rate of Ai in business companies worldwide
Ai is expected to  have an annual growth rate of over  37.3% from  2023 - 2030
Other Ai derived sectors are (VR) Virtual Reality , (XR) Xtended Reality, (AR) Augmented Reality.
We are all familiar with The Internet , but have you heard of Web3, Web4,
( IOT) Internet of Things, (IOE) Internet of Everything, these are all developments that will affect your business.
Stay switched on, the trend is your friend, the secret is to be the trend setter or at least be in at the start of the trend.
Domainsnearme are based in Scotland and have a fast changing portfolio of premium domains which are available  for purchase -  lease deal options or easy pay in instalments.
It 's in our interest for you to succeed , if you  succeed , we are a success.
If you cant find your domain on our lists  dont worry we may still be able to help.
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